Our fields of expertise

In Karo Arts we specialize in the restoration and conservation of the plastic arts:

  • Works on paper including gouache, pastels, aquarelle, acrylics, lithographs, etchings, silk prints, mixed techniques etc.
  • Works painted in oils, tempera or acrylics on canvas
  • Works on board (wood, hardboard, copper, ivory etc.) using various techniques.

Our activities focus on preventive treatment to slow down natural deterioration processes, to protect artworks from the influences of climate and humans. Restoration (repairing damage) such as: stains, burns, tears, mold, faded coloring, damage by insects, blurring and haziness etc. In addition we restore antique frames.

Example of an aquarelle that underwent restoration and maintenance at Karo Arts.

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The artwork damaged by strong burning due to regular framing and paper containing lignin

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The aquarelle from behind
– showing signs of searing

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The work after restoration

  1. The work was performed on paper containing lignin and framed with regular (harmful) framing, the paper was seared, and harmed by humidity engendering difficult deformation of the paper.
  2. Observation from the rear side of the work, in which we can clearly see the areas where the color of the painting blocks the light, the searing does this less.
  3. The artwork after careful restoration, including stabilization, cleaning, delicate straightening and conservative framing.

An example of a 300 year old oil painting on wood
that underwent restoration and conservation at Karo Arts

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300 year old oil painting on wood before restoration

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The painting after restoration

1. Oil painting on a large wood board 70/45cm. Damaged by widespread color deterioration, repetitive repairs that altered the painting over time, deep fissuring of the wood base, darkening of the painting and haziness.

2. The picture after extensive restorative processes, stabilization of the foundation and layers of paint, careful cleaning, complementation in areas that were damaged and protective coating.

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