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"Conservation is a meeting of art and science."
Heather Becker

Karo Arts is one of Israel’s leading professional authorities for the restoration and conservation of "plastic arts" in both private and institutional sectors. The company's conservation framing workshop operates according to the highest possible standards for the conservation of works of art, employing unique specialist techniques for conservative framing (for details). Karo Arts strives to enhance awareness concerning the proper maintenance of plastic arts, conducting lectures on this subject in private and public venues, publishing professional articles on these issues and distributing guidance brochures describing rules for conservation of different types of plastic arts. Please feel free to explore our Internet site that provides much useful and interesting information.

Our clients are private art lovers and institutions who possess financially or sentimentally valuable items of art or collections. We are always delighted to please and satisfy our visitors and clients, providing professional, patient and polite service and producing excellent results.

Karo Arts has been selected several times as the 'Optimal Business' by the The Council for a Beautiful Israel, in recognition of our workshops special atmosphere and pleasant environmental design, especially noting our professional and polite consideration.

Karo Arts house is situated in Haifa’s historic Jerusalem Street, in a picturesque ground-floor stone building. Parking space is reserved for our clients. We recommend scheduling your visit by telephone: 04-8661177.

Articles / Journalistic papers

What does the Mona Lisa have in common with great-grandmamma?


If you have been lucky enough to obtain an original Mona Lisa or you have a precious antique photograph of your beloved great-grandma, you will certainly not want this emotionally or financially valuable article to lose its value because of a lack of correct treatment.
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Who cares what happens after I go

Through hundreds of years of recorded creative art, painters were very careful to ensure the technical facet of their work, because they recognized that this would prevent rapid deterioration of the quality of their works.

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