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שיקום ציור שמן קלאסי.

.The restoration of my oil painting, was done with the utmost care and professionalism 

.And beyond that, it was a pleasure to visit the Karo     Arts Studio and to meet Michael. I now look with other eyes at art and restoration 

.Michael, thank you so much for the wonderful work 

Best, Lisa Yehuda  

 4 March 2019  



Eli Roman

To whom it may concern


RE: Michael Karo - Karo Arts

As a collector of paintings, prints and documents concerning the town of Haifa, I have known Michael Karo professionally for the past 15 years, during which he has performed many restorative and conservative works on all types of media including: oil paintings, aquarelles, documents, etchings, lithographs, posters etc., always to my complete satisfaction.

In addition, over the years I have referred several friends to Michael for professional assistance and they have all thanked me for this referral and affirmed that Michael's service and results were completely satisfactory.

I would like to express my esteem for Michael's serious and professional approach and for the high quality of his work. I note with satisfaction, that Michael Karo has given me the sense that it is important for him to perform his work at the highest, most appropriate quality for the item/work of art even if this is at the expense of his own profit.

I have learnt that Michael is careful to learn and refresh his knowledge with innovative techniques and the use of new materials in order to make the best possible options in his field available to his clients.


Most sincerely,

Eli Roman

Dr. Israel Schek

To whom it may concern

RE: Michael Karo

I have known Michael Karo since 1990. I turned to him following the enthusiastic recommendations of friends. Since then, we (I, my sister and daughter) have become Michael's regular clients and regular visitors to his gallery.

Michael takes care of the conservation and professional framing of our pictures, and the conservation and restoration of my private collectibles (old documents, etchings, prints and photographs). I tend to accept and rely on his high quality professional opinion with regard to any issue concerning the maintenance of plastic arts and for his wonderful taste.

More than anything, I am grateful for the respect and pedantic care that Michael devotes to both old and new artworks, and for his very careful treatment of them. I sometimes tend to compare his touch to the delicate touch of a surgeon. Because of his high professional level I have recommended him to my friends for any necessary conservation and maintenance of their precious plastic arts works that they hold dear.

In my conversations with Michael I learn about conservation techniques and different materials used in this interesting field,


With my best wishes, Dr. Israel Schek

Arieh Cohen

To whom it may concern

RE: Michael Karo

During the years 2004-2009 Karo Artsunder the management of Michael Karo, performed inspections, reports, and preparation of plans for restoration and conservation for various items of arts that we hold, according to a set order of priority. They also performed all necessary regular restorative and conservative works for our collection.

We were impressed by their professional, accurate and thorough work, their pleasant and relaxed ambience and their punctuality.

In light of our long experience we would definitely recommend Karo Arts for their work in restoring and conserving works of art.


Yours respectfully,

Arieh Cohen

Manager of Beit Jules

Haifa, 1.9.2009

Sanford Sheinman

To whom it may concern,

I would like to confirm that I have been in contact with Michael Karo, the manager of Karo Arts for several years. During the period of our acquaintance, I have learnt to recognize and admire Michael and the professional expertise that he applies to the conservation and restoration of artworks.

Mr. Karo has performed work for the arts gallery of Haifa University, including several conservative projects which he performed at an extremely high professional level. Mr. Karo has continually fulfilled all his professional commitments and also kept strictly to predetermined timetables.

We would have no hesitation in recommending his services in the field of art conservation and restoration.


Yours faithfully

Sanford Sheinman

Exhibitions and Art Collections Manager

Haifa University

Prof Emeritus

To Karo-Arts, Michael Karo ( May 22, 2009 )

Hi Michael,
I was recently visiting the Alpine Fund offices in Purchase, New York.  As you know, I have supplied Alpine with a number of paintings and they have called their conference room the Wolberg Gallery. 
The gallery includes eight of my paintings and one original Kandinsky. They like my paintings, but were particularly pleased with the framing.  All of my pictures were framed and conserved by you.  The only picture in the gallery that you didn't frame was the Kandinsky that in my opinion is framed poorly. 

The managing director of Alpine is a well-known man named Steve Lieber and he told me that it is impossible to find framing of your caliber anywhere in their area which happens to be fairly close to New York City.  I'm including a photo from right to left of the original Kandinsky, Steve Lieber, my large interpretation of the Kandinsky and me.
I thought that you would be pleased to hear their opinion about your work. 

All the best, 
John Wolberg
Prof Emeritus
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Technion    Haifa, Israel

Naomi Yalin

Recommendation by Naomi Yalin:

"Michael works with great expertise and accuracy - taking care to enhance aesthetic value of the works he restores.
His gallery is beautifully and tastefully designed and it's a joy to visit"
Service Category: Art restoration and framing
Year first hired: 2005 -hired more than once)) Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Sydney Miller 

Testimonial and recommendation
My wife and I have had several paintings restored and framed by Karo-Arts over a number of years.
The results have been outstanding and all who have seen the paintings (including a number of professional artists) have been extremely impressed.
Michael has also undertaken for us the restoration and framing of an old family tablecloth (at least 80 years old) and the finished product exceeded our greatest expectations.
Michael has shown himself to be a true professional in all he does apart from the fact that he is extremely courteous and polite.   He is a gentleman in the true sense of the word.
It is with great pleasure that I compile these comments and have no hesitation in recommending Karo-Arts to all who enjoy their art.


Sydney Miller

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