Karo Arts Guiding Values

• We love the arts.
• We treat each work of art with deep respect for the creator and his work, whatever it is.
• We respect the clients' needs and desires.
• Karo Arts is devoted to the beauty, aesthetics and maintenance of the arts.
• We enjoy performing our work within a pleasant, professional and comfortable ambience.
• Karo Arts pays special attention to fairness and integrity.
• We think it is important to pass on the knowledge we have accumulated, in order to assist art conservation in general.
• In all our professional work we aim to establish trust and long-term relations with our clients.
• Positive work relations and a pleasant dignified atmosphere constitute the basis for our professional excellence.
• We aspire to life-long learning, continually studying and improving our professional and personal skills.
• We treat each new day and each new project as a professional challenge requiring our highest attention and efforts.

Karo Arts Staff

Karo Arts believes

That people understand the significance of the arts and recognize that:

• Art is exciting and imbued with its own unique positive energy that influences us on several planes.
• The arts provide added value to life, contributing their special flavor beyond mere existence and reproduction.
• The arts blend divinity and the sublime with everyday existence.
• The arts link humans with exalted sources of energy.

We therefore understand that people aspire to conserve and look after their art works in the best possible way.

Michael Karo

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