Arts design in the home/office

In most homes and offices, artworks are positioned for design and sentimental purposes and artworks are usually purchased to fill a 'vacant space'. Art collectors have completely different motivations, some collect artworks according to subject, technique, period in history, a particular artist or a particular location etc. Most of them don't have sufficient space to be able to exhibit all the works that they possess. Two difficulties result:

  1. How to maximize their exhibition
  2. How to conserve and maintain the collection in an optimal manner, including consideration of the financial aspects involved.

When we undertake to help with the correct treatment for a collection we conduct a review of the entire collection, as follows:

  1. Status report on each item
  2. A digital photographic record
  3. Recommendations for urgent maintenance (identifying works at risk)
  4. Plans for long-term multi-year conservation
  5. If necessary, we help in planning and supervising the construction of fixtures for professional storage.
  6. We provide help in planning a climate-control system for the artworks
  7. Optimization of the exhibition, in terms of aesthetic and optimal positioning and hanging of the works.

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