Our Staff

Michael Karo

Michael has enjoyed his work with the plastic arts (painting, sculpture, ceramics and relief) since the age of six. Until 1988 he worked in industrial management, while in parallel he developed his creative work, also curating exhibitions and writing as an art journalist. In 1988 Michael established the Karo Arts, a company for the restoration and conservation of the arts. His area of expertise is: preventive conservation treatment and restorative treatment for artworks at risk for deterioration or damaged, especially two-dimensional works: easel paintings on canvas and board, original paper works, reproductions in different techniques.

Michael believes that he has a duty to share his unique rich knowledge with others and to enhance public awareness regarding the correct way to handle and preserve works of art. He has therefore delivered a series of lectures concerning correct conservation, restoration and maintenance of art works. The lectures take place in different settings, especially in the "Shorashim" college and also in private venues.

Professional training:

• Art and Sociology studies, Haifa University.
• Human Resources Management, at the Technion, Haifa.
• Art studies, Tel-Hai College.
• Supplementary courses in the Restoration Department of the Prague National Gallery, under the tutelage of Mt. Martin Schwestaka.
• Supplementary studies at the National Archive, Ottawa, Canada (2001) under the tutelage of Ms. Maria Benchin.
• Training and supervision guided by Mr. Patrick Ravines, from BWC, an internationally renowned expert on paper preservation.

Ella (Elvira) Rabinovitch

Ella has a Master's degree in design and art and since 1997 has specialized in conservation and restoration of works of art. She is a talented painter, she has a pleasant, professional approach and her profound knowledge of plastic arts is greatly esteemed by our clients. Ella is Michael's right hand man and has rich knowledge of the plastic arts in general and painting in particular.

Ella was born in the town of Lvov in the Ukraine. From an early age she showed rare skills in synthesizing form and color. She studied arts and design in the Institute for Decorative Arts and continued her studies for a second degree in art. She worked as the Chief Designer of a large textile concern in Ukraine. In 1992 she immigrated to Israel and settled with her family in Haifa.

Her creative art work is varied, primarily realistic paintings of landscapes and semi-abstract works, which transmit profound feelings and sensations. She has also painted commissioned works for our private clients and institutions. Her art works can be found in collections in Israel and the USA.

Dr. Sergei Shnitzer – Gallery manager and responsible for cultural events at Karo Arts

Born in 1949 in Moscow, Dr. Shnitzer is a doctor and scientist, who loves art and is himself an artist, specializing in digital painting based on his photographs. Since immigrating to Israel he has lived in Haifa. In 1992 he was among the founders of the Lumitest healthcare company, where he serves as Principal Scientist. During the same period he established the Purple Gate gallery in Ein Hod Art village.

Dr. Shnitzer has curated many exhibitions and has himself exhibited his artistic works in many galleries throughout Israel and abroad. Sergei sees his management of our gallery as an opportunity to spread beauty in the world, exposing visitors to works of art in a range of different styles and techniques, integrating the different plastic arts with music and culture and linking creative artists to the art-loving public.

Vladimir Shechanin is an expert in conservative framing. Vladimir has extensive academic knowledge in many fields and profound knowledge of the arts. He has worked with Karo Arts since 1993. In addition to his work in framing Vladimir had also contributed his skills to the construction of installations, and the restoration and maintenance of antique frames.

Karo Arts mainly provides services to private individuals but also to several institutions such as: the Technion; Haifa University; the Shem Olam Institute; the Electricity Company; the Faculty of Medicine, Haifa; and Beit Jules.

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